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WW1 U.S. Military Helmets, Hats, Uniforms, Web Gear, Clothing, Collar Insignia, Patches, Medals, Combat Equipment, Bayonets, Inert Ordnance,  Military Photographs, Military Booklets and Related Paper Items, etc., as available.

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WW1 Bible – New Testament – Printed In England
BibleWW1London.JPG (48499 bytes)

5UW1-67. 2-5/8-inch wide by 4-1/8-inch high, New Testament Bible, by, The London Scripture Gift Mission & The Naval and Military Bible Society, 14 Bedford St., Strand, W.C. Provided for the American GI in England. Soft, brick red oilcloth covers; front printed, "New Testament." Exterior of covers about Vg. Interior pages exhibit light to moderate signs of edge yellowing, as well as moderate soil and light foxing on the, first and last, several, pages. Page corners are dog-eared and worn. A sound representative example. Vg-. $12.00 SOLD

Canteen – L. F. & C. 1918
W1canLF&C.JPG (38143 bytes) 5UW1-68. Aluminum canteen, stamped, “U.S. L. F.&C. (Landers Frary & Clark, New Britain, Connecticut), 1918.” Screw-on aluminum cap with seriated edge; original cork washer and chain. The canteen is in near mint condition, retaining approximately 98%, or more, of its original matte gray finish; This canteen has one, moderate, dent along the welded seam, on one side, that might have been a manufacturing flaw. Extremely minor surface scratches on the matt gray finish; the interior shows signs of corrosion, as per usual. These WW1 canteens are really drying up; get them while you still can. Unfortunately,  the image is not very flattering, the canteen is actually a very nice matt gray finish. An exceptional example. Near Mint. $35.00 SOLD
Canteen Cover - Kemper-Thomas Company, 10-1918
W1CanCover.JPG (45001 bytes)

5UW1-68a. Khaki colored cotton canvas canteen cover with the same color trim; gray felt lining. The “U.S.” stamp on front is very faded; it’s there but not easily visible. Blackened brass, “lift-the-dot,” fasteners and brass wire hook hanger. Lightly faded, but clearly visible, markings on inside of one flap, “Kemper-Thomas Company, 10-1918.” Moderate to heavy signs of age, wear, fading, water stains and some soil; one small hole, on the fold of one of the flaps. A very sound sturdy example. Vg-. $24.00 SOLD

Canteen - U.S. 1918, B. A. Co
W1Can1var.JPG (38307 bytes) 5UW1-69. Aluminum canteen, stamped, “U.S. 1918, B. A. Co.” Screw-on aluminum cap with seriated edge; complete with original chain, no cork. Overall to moderate signs of age and use; the aluminum has darkened quite a bit over the years; moderately-dented in spots; has the two, “obligatory,” dents in the front from the canteen cover studs.  Interior corroded as per usual. These canteens are really drying up; get them while you still can. Vg-. $22.00 SOLD
U.S. Model 1917 Combat Helmet With Red IV Corps Insignia Painted On The Front
M1917Helmet4tshCorps.JPG (48079 bytes) 5UW1-70. The exterior of the helmet retains approximately 98%, or more, of its, thick, olive/brown paint and sawdust finish; the exterior exhibits light, even, age, overall dust from years of storage, as well as, very light scuffs and insignificant surface scratches and is pretty much in the same condition that it was when it was issued. A 1-3/4-inch diameter, blue and white quartered circle, (the white actually shows up as light gray), is painted on the front of the helmet; the painted insignia is lightly aged and completely intact. The interior olive/brown painted/sawdust finish is near 100% intact, it exhibits light age, storage soil and has several, very small and extremely insignificant, white paint spots that are hardly worth mentioning. The, adjustable, russet brown leather chinstrap is attached through riveted metal loops, (American style with round head rivets on each side), and is firmly secured to the helmet by means of a large rivet and washer in the top center of the helmet. The leather chinstrap is in Vg to near Vg+ condition; the leather sound, soft and supple; it exhibits light to moderate age, some surface cracking, (not damaging), minor dry spots, some darkening and soil on the leather where it touches metal parts and the buckle; no real wear. The chinstrap has never been oiled, preserved, cleaned or otherwise tampered with. The chinstrap hardware is a combination of brass and alloy metal. The interior liner is constructed of black oilcloth with a string-netting underneath that could be adjusted to provide a custom fit; there is also a large, oval, gray felt pad glued to the crown for protection and comfort. One-inch sections of black rubber tubes are fitted into the helmet liner, between the black oilcloth and the inside of the steel helmet; they provided some padding and absorption of energy if the helmet was struck by a projectile or other debris. The original paper label in the crown is intact, a little soiled and completely legible; it reads, “Tighten cord and adjust net to fit the head.” The black oilcloth liner is in near excellent condition and does not appear to have seen any use; it’s still soft and supple, showing light overall age and storage dust; the surface of some parts of the oilcloth has light surface cracks, (not a serious problem). The cloth netting is soiled from storage but it’s very sound and completely intact. The inside rim is stamped, “ZA85.” A beautiful, un-tampered with, example that has very favorably survived the ravages of time $175.00 SOLD
Mills, U.S. 10-Pocket Model 1910, Dismounted, Rifle Cartridge Belt With Lift The Dot Closure And Interior Snap-Tab Magazine Retainer, The Belt Is Dated 1917
M1910MillsDisMntCartBlt1var.JPG (24831 bytes) 5UW1-71. Heavyweight, light colored khaki woven cotton web cartridge belt manufactured by the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Co., of Worcester Massachusetts, U.S.A. M1903 type interlocking "T" buckle closure; 10-pockets with blackened brass lift-the-dot closures; the inside flap of the first pocket on the left side is, lightly, but, clearly, ink stamped with the Mills, “cartridge,” logo and dated May 1917. The bottom of each pocket is reinforced with an extra, “puckered,” weaving. Each pocket has an internal web strap with one blackened brass snap, which retained the ammunition. The M1910 cartridge belt was constructed with “oval” blackened brass grommets on the bottom edge of the left section and “round” grommets on the right section. The backside of the belt exhibits blackened brass adjusting buckles and belt tips, which are stamped with the Mills, “cartridge,” logo design, as well as, patent dates, “Pat. Jan. 29, 1901; Jul. 16, 1907, and May 18, 1915.” The reverse also has several sets of large, stenciled, letters and numbers, which appear to be, “L 39, 149 C, 188, and L 39.” The Mills, “cartridge,” logo and partial date is ink stamped on the inside of the adjusting belt. The webbing color has faded to a pleasing light colored khaki, however, some of the original light tan coloring still remains. The belt exhibits light signs of age, as well as, moderate, (some heavy), wear to the edges of most of the pocket flaps. The belt exhibits a few, light, and very insignificant soil spots from storage and light handling. The blackened finish on the brass hardware is lightly worn and aged, consistent with light to moderate actual use. The hardware retains at least 85%, or more of its original finish. Some of the grommets exhibit extremely light and very insignificant signs of verdigris, which is almost not worth mentioning. A “salty” looking belt that’s in nice condition. About Vg. $89. 00 SOLD
Mills U.S. 10-Pocket Model 1903 / 1907, Dismounted, Rifle Cartridge Belt With Rimless Eagle Snap Buttons
M1903ESbelt.JPG (23123 bytes)

5UW1-72. Heavyweight, dark olive drab woven cotton web cartridge belt manufactured by the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Co. of Worcester Massachusetts. M1903 type interlocking "T" buckle closure; 10-pockets reinforced with extra, “puckered,” weaving at bottom. No interior pocket separations, unfortunately, someone has cut off every clip retaining strap inside the pockets. The front of each pocket flap exhibits a highly embossed, rimless button with the U.S. eagle design. The backside of the belt exhibits blackened brass belt tips stamped with the “Mills” logo design and patent dates, “Pat. Jan. 29, 1901; Mar. 29, 1904; Jul. 16, 1907;” a very light ink stamp of the “Mills” cartridge logo is also present on each side of the belt on the backside. The reverse also has hand stenciled numbers and letters that look like “141 INF., NY H IS;” the letters are difficult to read so my translation might not be completely accurate. The color is not faded; the belt exhibits light signs of age and use, as well as, overall moderate storage soil. Two of the pocket flaps have a small hole on the front, (nothing seriously detracting); the eagle buttons are lightly worn on the highlights and retain at least 75%, or more, of their original blackened finish. The blackened brass hardware is lightly worn and aged it retains at least 50% original finish. One side of the belt has elongated eyelets the other side has round ones; the eyelets are tarnished and exhibit very slight and insignificant signs of verdigris. The center grommet, on the adjusting belt, between the two sides of the belt has partially lulled through the webbing. The belt is olive drab color, not the yellowish color as seen in the image. The description may tend to make the belt seem worse than it really is; it’s really quite a nice looking belt. This would be a very expensive belt if the interior pocket straps were not cut off, which actually doesn’t affect the display ability of the belt.  A very nice representative example. Vg. $130.00 SOLD

Type 1 Cotton Khaki Web Scabbard Cover For The U.S. M1917 Bolo Knife
M1910BoloScabCover.JPG (34216 bytes)

5UW1-73. Khaki cotton, woven web, cover with a blackened brass wire belt hook and thick russet leather scabbard tip, which is lightly stamped Brauer Bros, 1918.” Designed to slip over the wood M1917 Bolo scabbard. This example is in new, unused condition; however, the webbing has picked up, moderate to heavy, areas of brown storage soil and age over the past 85 years, or so; the leather tip is aged and has marks from moisture. Unfortunately, these scabbard covers have probably shrunk a bit over the years; they will be very difficult to install on the scabbard. Unused. Sold, as-is, not guaranteed to fit. $14.00 SOLD

Russell Manufactured, U.S. 10-Pocket Model 1910, Dismounted, Rifle Cartridge Belt – This Variation Is Constructed Without The Interior Snap-Tab Magazine Retainer & It Has Round Grommets On Both Sides Of The Belt
M1910RussellDisMntCartBlt.JPG (22684 bytes)

5UW1-74. Heavyweight, light colored khaki woven cotton web cartridge belt manufactured by the Russell Manufacturing Co., Middletown, Connecticut. M1903 type interlocking "T" buckle closure; 10-pockets with blackened brass lift-the-dot closures. The bottom of each pocket is reinforced with a, “Russell,” style, “puckered,” gathering of the material. This example is manufactured without the interior snap-tab magazine retainer and has “round” grommets on the bottom edge of both sides of the belt. The backside of the belt exhibits brass belt tips and adjusting buckles, (mostly devoid of their blackened finish). The web adjusting belt is ink stamped, on the backside, with the “Russell” logo, (the stamp is quite light and not completely legible); owners initials, “BPA,” are hand inked on the backside also. The webbing color has faded to a very light colored khaki; it exhibits moderate signs of age and wear except for moderate fraying spots on the edges of several pocket flaps, (nothing serious). The belt exhibits a light, even, soil from handling and storage, as well as, some light speckles of rust that are mostly confined to one pocket flap. The blackened finish on the brass hardware is lightly worn and aged, consistent with light to moderate actual use. The hardware retains at least 90%, or more of its original finish on the front side and maybe 50% remains on the backside; there is no sign of any verdigris. A very sound, “salty,” looking example. About Vg-. $79. 00 SOLD

WW1 ROTC, (Reserve Officer Training Corps), Hat Insignia – Screw Back
RotcCapInsig.JPG (50379 bytes) 5UW1-75. 1-7/8-inch wide x 1-1/4-inch high ROTC, (Reserve Officer Training Corps), bronze finish hat insignia depicting, “ROTC,” letters within a ¾ laurel wreath. Very light and insignificant age and extremely light wear to the bronze finish. The reverse exhibits a screw post with proper nut fastener and stabilizing pins on each end of the wreath. About excellent. $24.00 SOLD
WW1 U.S. Red Cross Long Service Medal
RC_WW1ServiceMdl.JPG (49328 bytes) 5UW1-76. 13/16-inch diameter gold colored medal depicting a red enameled cross, separately applied, (using two rivets), on a white enameled circle, within a blue enameled border bearing gold colored lettering, “Service, American Red Cross.” The medal is suspended from a, dark, reddish-brown ribbon; (significance of the ribbon color is unknown). The backside of the medal is slightly concave and exhibits two round rivet heads that attach the red enameled cross on the front side. The ribbon has an open broach type suspension bar with a horizontal needle pin and a variation roller lock pin catch. The medal exhibits light signs of age, a little soil and minor tarnish; no cracks, chips or nicks in the enamel. The ribbon is somewhat delicate; it exhibits moderate age, worn spots and an area, on the right front, where the material is weak and has separated. The ribbon is almost completely separated, across the top edge, where it folds over the broach suspension. A very satisfactory representative example. Vg. $19.00 SOLD
Enlisted Man Infantry Machinegun Company B - Collar Disk - Screw Back
EmDskMgB.JPG (53679 bytes) 5UW1-77. One-inch diameter enlisted man collar disk with finely checkered background. The finish is lightly worn on the highlights, approximately 95% of its original dark bronze finish remains. The disk depicts crossed 1903 rifles with, “MG,” above the rifles and the letter, “B,” below. The Reverse exhibits a few moderate spots of surface verdigris deterioration, (nothing serious), and has a screw post with fluted edge nut fastener. Vg+. $26.00 SOLD

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