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U.S. State Police patches, Highway Patrol Police patches, City Police patches, Sheriff Department patches, Police Task Force patches, SWAT Police patches, and other Special Police patches, etc., as available.
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South Kingstown Police Reserves
South Kingstown Police Reserves.JPG (52767 bytes)

28PP-395. 3-1/2-inch wide x 4-7/8-inch high dark blue patch cut in the shape of an arrow head with an embroidered arrow head in the center. silver/gray letters with silver/gray and light blue border. Unused. $5.00

Healdton, Oklahoma Police
Healdton Police Used.JPG (41005 bytes)

28PP-396. 3-1/4-inch wide x 4-inch high black material patch depicting an oil derrick superimposed on the geographical outline of the state of Oklahoma. Blue letters and orange/gold border. Old style. Unused. $5.00

Lincoln County, New Mexico Sheriff's Dept.
Lincoln County Sherrif's Dept..JPG (42261 bytes) 28PP-397. 3-1/2-inch wide x 3-3/4-inch high fully embroidered gold patch depicting the state of New Mexico logo design with red letters and border. Reverse has glue from hot glue gun, probably from being in a scrapbook. Unused. $5.00
Battle Creek, Michigan Police
Battle Creek Police.JPG (56755 bytes) 28PP-398. 4-inch wide x 5-inch high fully embroidered blue patch depicting the seal of the state of Michigan. Gold letters with gold and black border. Reverse has glue from hot glue gun, probably from being in a scrapbook. Unused. $5.00
Garland, Texas Police Department. 
28PP-399. 3-1/2-inch wide x 4-inch high. Gold border and lettering on dark blue felt. Center design on white felt. Attractive patch.  Unused. $5.00 SOLD
Police Traffic patch 
Police Traffic.JPG (33841 bytes) 28PP-400. 3-inch diameter black twill patch depicting a winged wheel with gold letters and black border. Unused. $4.00
Police Motor Traffic 

28PP-401. 4-1/2-inch wide x 3-inch-wide. Gold border and lettering. Gold wings on silver wheel. Black felt background.  Unused. $4.50

Feldjager Military Police - German Military Police
Feldjager Military Police.JPG (51716 bytes)

28PP-402. 3-inch wide x 3-1/2-inch high black twill patch. The multi-colored design depicts a starburst design superimposed on a German national colors patch. Unused. $5.00  SOLD

German City Police Patch - City Unknown
Germany Police.JPG (39828 bytes)

28PP-403. 3-inch wide x 3-1/2-inch high dark green wool patch depicting a German city crest with gold letters. Unused. $5.00  SOLD

Stoughton Police
Stoughton Police.JPG (58260 bytes)

28PP-404. 3-1/2-inch wide x 5-inch high fully embroidered gray patch. Gray central design depicts two shields and a lyre. Black letters and border; some silver embroidered thread used in this patch. Unused. $5.00

Wolf Point, Montana Police Department
wolfpoint.jpg (56332 bytes)

28PP-405. 4-inch wide x 5-1/2-inch high, beautifully designed, fully embroidered patch depicting a full-face view of a wolf with a particularly haunting stare. The wolf’s head is superimposed on sand colored desert foreground with purple mountains in background a dark blue sky with silver/gray clouds over a yellow moon. The lower center foreground depicts a gold embroidered badge with the Montana state seal in the center. A very large and impressive patch. A real beauty. Unused. Excellent. $10.00

Prince George's County, Maryland  Police

28PP-406.  3-1/2-inch wide x 5-inch high. White border with black lettering. Center section multi-colored coat-of-arms with crown. British shield on royal purple background. Exceptionally nice design. A beauty. Unused. $7.00

Citrus County, Florida  Office of the Sheriff

28PP-407.  3-5/8-inch wide x 4-7/8 inch high. Gold border and lettering, black twill background. Center contains very fine multi-colored image of Seminole Indian, rising sun, silver depiction of State of Florida and motto "In God We Trust". Particularly fine patch.  Unused.  $6.50

Fargo, North Dakota Police 
fargo.JPG (70593 bytes)

28PP-408. 4-1/4-inch wide x 3-5/8-inch high blue patch depicting an arched gate superimposed on a rising sun design. Silver/white letters and border. Unused. $5.00

East Peoria, Illinois Police 
eastpeoria.JPG (57562 bytes)

28PP-409. 3-1/8-inch wide x 4-inch high bright blue patch in the shape of a police badge. Multi-colored design depicts an eagle and the state of Illinois state seal. Bright blue letters with black border. Slightly crude looking. Unused. $5.00 SOLD

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